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Ednology launched in 2017 with a mission to drive all aspects of innovation in education. The aim of Ednology is to bring together the very best education technology and STEAM products, people, projects and partners from around the world under one roof and support schools with overcoming barriers to innovation and digital transformation.


• The STEM skills shortage is a “national crisis”. Similar issues exist globally.

• Upto 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet - how do we prepare this generation for such possibilities?

• The edtech landscape is so vast and challenging to navigate for schools. There is so much choice schools often don’t know where to start!

• Lack of funding exasperates the problem - we need to do more with innovative and sustainable ways of funding tech in schools - eg. leasing, parental contribution, operational efficiency, corporate funding, fundraising and grants.

• Smaller, niche initiatives from around the world often do not find their audience and reach their maximum impact

• Some technologies in fact are not specifically targeted towards education but can have an positive impact in the education space. We need to try!

How do we address these challenges?

Innovation is fast becoming one of the most important factors for organisational and individual success and growth as such, cultivating innovation in your organisation should be a critical initiative.

We understand the positive outcomes that technology can have in supporting outstanding teaching and learning and developing 21st century skills, whilst we fully appreciate the challenges to innovation and digital transformation; time, culture and resources to name but a few.

With the knowledge, experience and expertise to overcome these challenges we pro-actively support initiatives within education which ultimately result in better outcomes for students.

Ednology - “Bringing IT Together, Making IT Happen”

What exactly is Ednology?

Ednology is founded on 4 pillars, “the 4 P’s” that we believe are necessary to support sustainable and meaningful innovation in schools - products, people, projects and partners.

Our team of pioneering experts have scoured the globe to source, evaluate and bring together the very best products, people & services that make a real difference, positively impact teaching and learning and empower educationalists.

Part online store, part directory, part resource bank but very much community focused and built on trust and collaboration, we have curated all of this information together and made it easy to navigate.

The community of educators is naturally at the heart of what we do, we are providing a framework for a network built on collaboration and trust.


  • Unparalleled Range
  • Outstanding Solutions
  • Specialist Partners
  • Simple & Easy Navigation
  • Funding Options
  • Research Informed
  • Continuously Updated

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