Become an Ednologist

Become an Ednologist and help support schools and teachers with inspiring the next generation

Ednology is the “Definitive Destination for Technology in Education” and as a collective of innovative teachers, students and schools we aim to drive innovation in education and overcome barriers to digital transformation.Becoming a certified Ednologist is an exciting opportunity to be part of something disruptive and impactful on a local, national and even international scale

Are you a teacher, ex-teacher, headteacher, IT Consultant, Trainer? Would you like to:

• Find all the best technologies, some of which you are already using all in one place

• Easily keep abreast with latest developments

• Visit schools and showcase ednology, products, projects and partners – we provide you all the training and tools you need to do so

• Get rewarded for referrals and recommendations

• Represent ednology at shows and events (terms negotiable)• Offer your services through the people pages

• Support on the chat desk (mobile app available)• Have access to contribute to the official ednology social media – pinterest, flipboard, twitter and facebook and reach a large audience

• Moderate the forum

• Write blog posts

• Be a Social media influencer

• Become specialist in exciting new fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and 3D printing?


• Opportunity to be part of something disruptive

• Shape and contribute to a new movement

• Platform for showcasing your work

• Exciting access to new products to train on, develop and then support others

• Consultancy, training and project work brokerage

• Full flexibility to fit this in with your existing work

• Be the first to try new and emerging technologies in an education setting

• No annual commitment, yet opportunity to grow with the company

• Opportunity to become a shareholder

• Support from the ednology product vendors and community• 10% off throughout the store on tech for personal use

• Exclusive badge and card• exclusive, invitation only edvents, eg. Hacked create new edtech

• Global perspective – opportunity to work abroad

• Free tech for you to trial and keep (subject to availability).

Application and evaluation required.

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