Helping the next generation of students succeed and transform our world

Supporting Generation Z will mean helping them carve out a more affordable path to success, like this smiling teenage student sitting in class.

I remember when the people I looked up to were older than me. These days, I’m looking to the younger generation for inspiration, and hoping they don’t disappoint.

Our futures rest in the hands of today’s elementary, middle, and high schoolers. We need to stop labeling them in sometimes pejorative ways simply because they’re different than us. They are learning in a rapidly changing and global economy where their own parents, teachers and counselors might struggle to understand the new array of technology-driven career opportunities.

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Generation Z–those born after 1996–are 14 percent more adventurous and 19 percent more imaginative than previous generations, and compared to Baby Boomers specifically, they’re two times more politically minded. They want to transform our world into a fairer, freer place, and we should absolutely applaud their ambition.

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