Business Divisions

Ednology is the home of education technology. We offer a wide range of products and services to all key stakeholders including schools, parents, resellers and edtech companies.

Strategic Advice & Guidance

Our diverse team of experts can advise, challenge and support on innovation projects within your institution. From whole school mobile learning programmes to emerging technology centres or after school clubs.

Project Management

We carefully select the very best specialists in each field to design and deliver solutions built around your needs.


We offer a full range of training and implementation services.

We bring together the world’s leading education consultants and specialist partners to plan, design and deliver innovation projects in schools, colleges and universities around the world.


Specialist Partners

Find local, approved, specialists in corse technologies such as IT Hardware and AV and emerging technologies such as VR and 3D printing to ensure you get the best support for your initiatives.


The project directory enables you to easily find exciting and engaging projects to bring to your institution.

The Ednology Directories bring together the world’s leading specialist partners and resources under one roof so you can easily find all of the products and services you need.


Global Reseller Network

Built over the last decade, Ednology provides access to an unprecedented network of over 1000 trusted education specialist reseller partners who can support the growth of your product in their territories.

Value Added Partner

We can act as an extension of your sales team, supporting partners with training and promotion and much more.


We invest heavily in promotion and marketing activities to raise the profile of our partners products and services.

Ednology Distribution focuses on working with new and innovate edtech companies to help scale their products and services through our unprecedented network of approved reseller partners around the world.

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The Best Technology

The Ednology Marketplace provides THE most comprehensive selection of innovative, relevant and impactful teaching & learning tools, all carefully curated and rated.

Advice & Guidance

Our network of specialists are available support your aims whatever they may be; from a new internet connection to coding and robotics programmes, get in touch via live chat, email or telephone and we will be delighted to assist you. We can advise, guide and project manage all aspects of your initiatives.

Rewards & Funding Options

Collect reward points on every purchase and look out for bookable resources and subscription options.

The Ednology Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for education technology. We bring together all of the worlds best edtech products under one roof.


Lesson Plans & Project Ideas

Discover a world of resources with everything you will need to innovate and educate

Blog Posts & News Articles

The news feed aggregates all of the latest news and developments from the world of education technology in one place.


Find all your conferences, exhibitions and workshops events in an easy to use calendar.

Ednology Resources is the ultimate destination for education technology, innovation & STEM resources.


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