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Got high cholesterol? Swap out eggs for robots! On this week's #ThursdayLearnDay, we're Spoon Racing with BOLT robots. Check out this doctor-recommended episode now.

Send your imagination into the atmosphere with our most expandable bot ever. On our second episode of Launchpad, we turned RVR into well, a rocket launchpad.

Sphero Edu has always been about the community. It started there, and it's growing there. Worldwide. We want to highlight our incredible community of educators all across the globe and the amazing things they continue to do with Sphero. After all, coding makes the world go ' ///...
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In this video you learn how you can use the accelerometer in a smart phone to control the Fable robot

About using the camera to get the robot to react. Like a surveillance robot. Using conditions - if else.

Introduction to conditions. Control Fable with the arrow keys

The first video about the Fable Blockly. Where to download and how to begin programming the Fable Joint

That blinking red light on your robot: Does it mean A.) Your robot needs to be charged? or B.) You should probably charge your robot? Watch this episode of #BitsNBytes to learn the answer.

Kontroller Fable Joint modulet med telefons accelerometer

Introduktion til hvis - ellers via bevægelse fundet på kamera

I denne video introduceres betingelser i Fable Blockly. Piletasterne på tastaturet bruges som betingelser (hvis .. udfør) for at bevæge Fable Joint

I denne video introduceres løkke i Fable Blockly

Så er der en ny version af "Kom i gang med Fable Joint 1". Her baseret på den version af Fable Blockly, der hedder 1.5

In this final video of this little section, both the LED panel on the Fable Spin and the hub also change colors into the same as the sensor sees

In this video Fable Face is introduced and set to change color of the eyes and expression when Fable Spin sees the different colors!

This video is about getting Fable Blockly to play a music file when Fable Spin sees a color

Here is a little video about the program called Audacity that you can use to record your own sound on your computer and use it afterwards in Fable Blockly

In this video Fable Blockly is playing a sound file when Fable Spin sees a surden color. The file needs to be placed in a folder called Documents/Fable/My Fable Sounds

A series of videos about using the color sensor in Fable Spin to get the robot to react differently. Using the sound file that you now can play in Fable Blockly.